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Breast Implant Revision Surgery

One of our specialties is revision surgery on breast augmentation. I've been practicing since 1992 and have done hundreds of these breast implant revisions. Some of these patients had their breast augmentation here, but most come from outside this practice.

I have seen an increase in the number of revision breast implant surgeries. There are a few reasons for this...every breast ages and changes in weight, pregnancies, or genetic tendencies will change the appearance of the breast with time. Since there are millions of women who have breast implants, there is a population that will need/want revision over the years.

A recent study confirmed that the most common reason for revision breast implant surgery is to change size. This why it is so important to spend a lot of time helping the patient decide which size is best for her.

Every breast, whether augmented or not, eventually droops with time. This type of breast implant revision may involve replacing the implant and/or a lift at the same time.

Sometimes a breast will get a hard 'capsule'. The non-surgical treatments are not very effective for this. Surgery is usually required to release that scar...the breast immediately becomes soft. Again, some patients change breast implant sizes or types, ie go from saline to silicone.

Another common revision type is for asymmetry. Everyone wants as much symmetry as possible and that is the goal. Again, sometimes this requires a revision to one or both sides, depending on the side may need a lift, or the other side may need to be dropped, etc.

With the full release of silicone gel breast implants in early 2007, more and more women are changing their saline implants to silicone. Silicone has a much more realistic 'feel', both to the woman and their partner. Silicone also has much less visible and palpable rippling than saline.

Each breast implant revision surgery is unique in its plan. I spend a lot of time pre-operatively with these patients so that we are sure we are communicating both the patient and I understand each other.

Where to begin

A consultation with Dr. Haas is the first step to learn how breast implant revision can improve the appearance of your breasts. A consultation is designed to fully educate you about breast implant revision in a non-pressured environment and will include:

  • A discussion of your goals and an evaluation of your individual case
  • The options available in breast implant revision surgery
  • The likely outcomes of breast implant revision and any risks or potential complications
  • The prescribed course of treatment

Dr. Haas and our experienced staff will answer your questions.

Call Imaage @ (502) 894-8595 to schedule your consultation.


Overall health and personal outlook can greatly impact the outcome of breast implant revision surgery. These will be carefully evaluated. The success of your procedure, safety and overall satisfaction require that you:

  • Honestly share your expectations
  • Fully disclose health history, current medications, the use of vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Be candid about any history of breast cancer in your family and your personal breast health
  • Commit to precisely following all of Dr. Haas' instructions


By making the decision to consult a plastic surgeon and following all the instructions given, you are taking an important step in helping to assure your safety.

Dr. Haas is certified by The American Board of Plastic SurgeryŽ. This certification designates surgeons who are specifically trained in plastic surgery of the face and entire body.

Preparing for surgery

Dr. Haas and members of our staff will carefully explain your breast implant revision procedure. Prior to surgery, you will be given specific instructions that may include:

  • Pre-surgical considerations, diagnostic testing and medications
  • Day of surgery instructions and medications
  • Specific information related to the use of anesthesia
  • Postoperative care and follow-up

It is important to have all your questions answered. It is natural to feel some anxiety, excitement for the anticipated outcome or preoperative stress. Feel free to share your questions or concerns with us.

What to expect

Your Breast Implant Revision will be performed in our Joint Commission Accreditation, office-based surgical facility. Dr. Haas uses an anesthesia technique called "Twilight Anesthesia". You will be completely asleep during your surgery at Imaage using an all I.V. anesthetic for heavy sedation. We do NOT use general anesthesia that requires a breathing tube (endotracheal tube), breathing machine (ventilator), or anesthetic gases. Dr. Haas and the assisting staff will fully attend to your comfort and safety.

Dr. Haas and the assisting staff will fully attend to your comfort and safety.

Following surgery

Once your procedure is complete, dressing or bandages will be applied to your incisions. An elastic bandage or support bra should be worn to minimize swelling and support the breasts as they heal. A small, thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood that may collect. Before being released, you and an accompanying family member, friend or caregiver will be given specific instructions that may include:

  • How to care for the surgical site
  • Medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection
  • Specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in overall health
  • When to follow-up with our office

Progress and healing

Initial healing will include swelling and discomfort at the incision sites. Discomfort is common and can be controlled with medication. A support bra may be recommended around the clock for the first few weeks. It is important to keep the incision sites clean. You will be instructed to engage in light walking as soon as possible to minimize the potential for blood clots and other complications.

Follow all instructions carefully; this is essential to the success of your outcome. A return to light activity is possible as soon as you feel ready, usually within a few days of surgery.

Any sutures will be removed within 10-14 days after surgery. You may be ready to return to work and more normal activity at this time, as long as you do not engage in any heavy lifting or vigorous exercise.

Healing will continue for several weeks as swelling dissipates and breast shape and position settle. Continue to follow Dr. Haas's instructions and attend follow-up visits as scheduled.

Results and outlook

The final results of breast implant revision will appear over the next few months as breast shape and position continue to settle. Incision lines are permanent scars, but they will improve over time and can be hidden under most swimsuits and bras.